:: intersecting lives



CrossPurposes is a poem with two voices. But where Telecommunication is a 'conversation' between two people, and deals with the break-down of that conversation, this one is much more akin to a double monologue in which the individuals describe the selfsame events from very different perspectives.

The voices are distinguished from one another in traditional ways - tone, diction, vocabulary - as well as by the strong contrast in the rectilinear visual presence of the poem. One voice exists in the vertically-oriented text, while the other exists in the horizontally-oriented text. Furthermore, the font for each is slightly different (two sans serif fonts, Geometric and Arbitrary.) Each stanza in one voice has a twin stanza in the other voice, both of them talking about the same event or idea, but in very different ways. The difference in perspectives is presented in the strong visual opposition between the vertical and the horizontal.

Jason E. Lewis




Director for MacOS


FUSELab 98, web gallery for FUSE98 conference, San Francisco, CA, May 1998.

Escapism, San Francisco, CA, June - December 1998.