I Know What You're Thinking
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I Know What You're Thinking is a "stream of consciousness" poetry generator that reanimates the bored and restless texts residing on your hard drive. I Know What You're Thinking is your computer speaking to you, retelling all of the stories that you have told it, chopping them up, splicing the bits into something new, something you never imagined. I Know What You're Thinking dredges up slices of five year-old emails and ten year-old term papers and presents them to you afresh. Every time your computer is idle for more than a moment, I Know What You're Thinking is there, exposing your history one little chunk at a time.

I Know What You're Thinking trolls the host machine's hard drive(s) for all the text (.txt) and Eudora/Outlook mailboxes (.mbx) it can find. It then writes random chunks of text from these various files to the screen, in five streams. Each stream has its own particular appearance, and varies in size and on-screen duration, creating a motion collage of different layers of semi-transparent text. The result is a disconcertingly intimate and schizophrenically lyrical look into your activities on that machine.

Clicking on a chunk of text will open the source file in Notepad, so you can decide whether or not to get rid of that embarrasing reference to your aunt's urinary tract infection.

Jason E. Lewis



British Academy of Film & Television Artists, Arts Alliance Global Summit 2000, London, February 2000

Install the I Know What You're Thinking.exe application wherever you wish.

Double-click the application to run it.

Click on a text passage to open the source file.

Hit "q" to exit.


Director Projector for Windows2000/NT/98/95*
* IKWYT will not run correctly on dual-boot machines.
50 Mb free disk space
Notepad installed
Fast processor; the initial scan takes a long time