Chloe Chao
Designed Kinetext, an environment for programming typographic animation which itself employed animated type.

Kinetext: A concrete programming paradigm for kinetic typography. Masters thesis, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1998.
Concrete Programming Paradigm for Kinetic Typography

Peter Cho
Focused on creating fonts which were designed for computational manipulation.

personal website
Development and temporal manipulation of expressive, malleable typography. Masters thesis, Massachusetts Institute for Technology, 1997

Paul Haeberli
Haeberli created a utility for doing real-time, 3D transformations of letterforms. Unfortunately I can't find a reference anywhere on the web. You might as well check out Dynadraw an early drawing program that uses gesture to interpret stroke, etc.

Suguru Ishizaki
Early work on Kinetic Typography. Ph.D. thesis a good starting point, along with Wong and Small, for a discussion of the usability issues involved in the reading and experience of dynamic typography.

Kinetic Information Display

Golan Levin
Relentless experimenter, Levin has produced a number of smaller pieces which play with typography in various expressive ways.

Alphabet Synthesis Machine

Jason Lewis
Dynamic Poetry project sought to create a new genre of poems driven by interactive/dynamic type; ActiveText project build a number of tools to create such texts.

Dynamic Poetry
It's Alive!

John Maeda
Has made innovation with computational type one of the cornerstones of his work, and of the work done by his students in the Aesthetic and Computation Group at the Media Lab
Flying Letters. Reactive Book Series, Number Two. Digitalogue, Tokyo, 1996.
Dynamic Typography

Tara Rosenberger-Shankar.
Prosodic Font: The space between the spoken and the written. Masters thesis, Massachusetts Institute for Technology, 1998.

Bill Seaman
The World Generator / The Engine of Desire
Recombinant Poetics: Emergent Meaning as Examined and Explored Within a Specific Generative Virtual Environment

David Small
Conducted a series of experiments at the Media Lab's Visual Language Workshop in dynamic and three-dimensional typography.

Rethinking the Book
Stream of Consciousness
Typographic Space
Perception of Temporal Typography

Douglas Soo
Implementation of a temporal typography system. Masters thesis, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1997.

Josh Nimoy

Camille Utterback

Yin Yin Wong
Characterization of time-varying typographic forms.Masters thesis, Massachusetts Institute of Technology,1995
Temporal Typography, A Proposal to Enrich Written Expression

Sha Xin Wei
Conducts Hubbub, a project dedicated to different means of visualizing speech in public places. The project uses TextOrgan as the it's text visualization engine.

Type In Motion: Innovations in Digital Graphics