Dynamic Poetry: Introductory Remarks to a Digital Medium

Thesis for Masters of Philosophy (Design)
Computer Related Design, Royal College of Art



This thesis investigates the processes by which media evolve in order to suggest future directions for the digital medium. It develops the notion of content-lag to describe the time-span between the introduction of a medium and the point at which it is used to produce artifacts which exploit the affordances particular to that medium to their fullest. Current difficulties in developing strong content in the digital medium are discussed in terms of content-lag. The thesis then argues that a more considered approach to interactivity will assist in decreasing content-lag in the digital medium. A framework is proposed for rediscovering the ways in which interactivity is deployed in the digital medium. The arguments of the thesis are embodied in project work which explores the possibilities of a computer-based poetic genre. This project work exists as a collection dynamic poems, which are available for interaction on a companion CD-ROM.


The number of illustrations that accompany the thesis is quite large, so the document has been broken into its text portion and its illustration portion. If you are not accessing this information over a high-speed connection, I strongly suggest that you download the illustrations as a .zip.

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